Even if women and men are very different – one theme unites them: Losing weight on the stomach . At the latest when summer is just around the corner, the beer belly has to become a six-pack and women dream of a bikini figure like from the catalog. But at the latest after registering in the next fitness studio and the first few weeks of training, many people become disillusioned. Because targeted weight loss on the stomach is not easily possible!

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In the hope of more success, many pedants resort to expensive supplements for burning fat (e.g. fat burners) or start a radical diet. But most of the time, these measures do more harm than burn fat. Weekly stomach, legs and buttocks courses in the exclusive wellness club are certainly fun – but this can quickly come to an end when a cost-benefit calculation is made. The only thing decreasing here is probably your account balance.

The fitness and advertising industry suggests that targeted weight loss on the stomach is very easy with the right products. Whether exercise bike, electronic abdominal muscle stimulator or fat burner pill – there are a multitude of products that cost a lot but have nothing to do with effective fat burning.

We’ll show you how you can lose belly fat without making uneconomical investments! You don’t need unhealthy pills or powders. A smart nutrition plan, a lot of ambition and the right training plan are 100% sufficient for effective weight loss! At the end of the article you can sign up for our free training newsletter , which will regularly provide you with effective tips on all aspects of training and nutrition!

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Lose weight on the stomach

Anyone dealing with topics like fitness, nutrition and metabolism scientifically examined, you will quickly find that targeted weight loss on the stomach is not possible. Fat burning is a complex metabolic process that cannot be focused locally on a few body regions, but takes place in the entire organism.

The effectiveness of fat burning is significantly influenced by factors such as diet, genetic requirements, physical activity (e.g. fitness training) or the state of health. Above all, the genetic predispositions determine how successful the weight loss program is. While fat deposits appear on the stomach particularly often in men, the thighs are often a problem area for women. Effective weight loss is then difficult – because we cannot (yet) influence the genetic requirements. Arduous six-pack training tightens the stomach and provides stronger abdominal muscles, but does not lead to local fat burning on the stomach. In general, the following applies: Where there are the most fat reserves, the fat loss will also be greatest if successful.

Experience has shown that the combination of a high-protein diet, intensive muscle building training and regular cardio units is still the best method with which you can successfully lose weight!

How can I lose weight quickly?

Fast is always relative. But if you follow a few rules, nothing stands in the way of successful fat burning. We have compiled some weight loss tips here that can work wonders if you follow them properly! The aim is to achieve the energetic principle that is behind every professional weight loss strategy:

Energy requirement> Energy consumption

This means that the energy requirement required by the metabolism, which is influenced by physical activity, muscle mass, diet and genetics, must be greater than the amount of energy that is actually available. If you take in less energy from food than your body needs, this is also known in the fitness world as ” energy deficit “.

  • Put these 10 weight loss tips into reality. A flat stomach or defined abdominal muscles are not impossible if you stick to our rules!
  • Eat a healthy diet: Diet has a major impact on our metabolism. A lot can go wrong with the choice of food. There are a variety of foods that can naturally boost our fat burning. You can find the best foods for burning fat and building muscle quickly here.
  • Combine muscle training with cardio training to get the most out of burning fat. More muscles also require a lot more energy to function. This even leads to increased fat burning during rest phases, including in the office and while sleeping. Well-developed muscles are not only beneficial for men: Women also benefit from increased metabolic activity triggered by larger muscle mass.
  • Learn the fundamentals of burning fat, building muscle and a training-goal-oriented diet that you can use every day from now on!

Regular fitness training optimizes and regulates the metabolic functions and thus contributes to effective fat burning. We have briefly summarized what that means:

  • More muscles ensure that more energy is used in all physical activities. Energy-intensive stress phases ensure that the energy supply in the body takes place increasingly via short-term energy storage . Excess energy from food is then not primarily stored in fat cells and fat deposits, but stored in the glycogen stores and muscles ready for use as possible. The result: reduced fat storage , especially on the stomach, legs and buttocks.
    • Logical consequence: An increased overall energy requirement. Increasing energy requirements through fitness training mean that you can also absorb more energy without gaining body fat. With proper nutrition and intensive training, you can even eat more than before and still lose body fat .

in a professional weight loss program

  • The metabolic effectiveness is significantly improved. Transport routes and metabolic processes are optimized in such a way that the nutrients can be processed more efficiently in less time, so that the organism is able to perform at its best. This not only benefits fat burning. Muscle building and Immune system also make use of the advantages that are achieved through improved nutrient utilization.

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The key: optimal nutrition

If you want to lose weight on your stomach, you don’t just have to find the ideal combination of strength and cardio training. We already mentioned the incredibly important role diet plays in losing weight. In particular, the correct macronutrient distribution and a targeted energy deficit can achieve amazing results when losing weight on the stomach.

We have s in our nutrition plans Specially designed nutrition programs for men and women developed that get the most out of your fat burning. The basis of the nutrition plans is an optimized food selection with maximum nutrition-induced thermogenesis. Here you can find the nutrition plans for men and women.

Simply calculate your personal calorie requirement with our calorie calculator, print out the plan, add your deficit and get started! Summer is just around the corner again!

Lose weight on the stomach: Conclusion

There are no fitness exercises with which one can lose fat locally and in a targeted manner. Fat burning is a complex metabolic process that is influenced by many factors and not really benefits.

Fortunately, there are some tips that can achieve amazing results. With an effective exercise program , the right diet and a lot of discipline, anyone can lose fat – even on Belly! What are you waiting for?

Because we get countless e-mails from new and loyal readers every day, we have decided to set up a free training newsletter . From now on, all of your important questions land in the newsletters and free training eBooks, which you can also receive free of charge via the newsletter. In this way, other athletes also benefit from the many interesting questions and answers that arise on the subject of training, training systems, muscle building, fat burning or nutrition!

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