A disciplined diet and the right combination of muscle building and cardio training form the basis for a nice six pack . If the whole thing is then summarized by demanding abdominal muscle exercises in a free six-pack training plan , this is almost a guarantee of success.

This six pack workout plan implies some challenging exercises that are very helpful in defining the abs. The basis for successful abdominal muscle training is intensive muscle building training, which is particularly energy-intensive, promotes fat burning and is supplemented by regular cardio training. For this reason, a cardio session of 30 – 60 minutes follows every training day or alternatively after the strength training, so that the fat burning is additionally boosted.

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What are the benefits of cardio training after strength training?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to expose your sixpack as a man or a woman and define your abdominal muscles – you have to reduce your body fat percentage. While in men the six-pack only slowly becomes visible with less than 12-14% body fat, in women often less than 18-19% KFA is sufficient. If you are above this, you have to reduce your KFA through adequate training and an appropriate diet.

If you now purposefully empty your glycogen stores through an intensive previous exercise (e.g. conventional strength training) (your muscles can only meet their contraction-related energy requirements during hypertrophy training with medium to high weights by metabolizing carbohydrates), your body must absolutely rely on your body’s own fat reserves for continued exercise of low intensity – I’m talking about cardio training to meet the energy demand. You’re burning body fat.

You can find out how long and how intense the cardio training should be after muscle building in our ingenious Hypertrophy Guide for Men and Women . It also describes how your carbohydrate intake affects the rest of your training. The following graphic comes from the guide and shows you the relationship between the energy supply, the training method and the beginning of effective fat burning.

This six-pack training plan is just one possible sample among many. A training plan should be individualized depending on genetic requirements, training progress and personal goals so that optimal training results can be achieved. Of course, you should have minimal basic knowledge so that you do not complete a completely inefficient training.

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Training experience: more than 3 months

Warm-up: 10-15 min cycling, treadmill, cross trainer

Pause between sentences: 30 – 60 seconds

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Cardio unit: 30 – 60 minutes of aerobic endurance sports (jogging, cycling, swimming etc.)

The cardio unit can also ideally be completed in the morning so that the fatty acid oxidation is not blocked or reduced by carbohydrates or proteins already ingested (e.g. through an early breakfast). This method has proven to be extremely effective in practice, but requires that after a cardio unit, the nutrient balance is replenished with a rich breakfast with protein-rich foods.

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