The best exercises for building muscle

In this article I present the 10 most effective fitness exercises for more muscle mass . With excellent technique, a lot of weight and a strong will, these demanding exercises make building muscle child’s play. These exercises are also recommended for beginners, because beginners in particular want to achieve rapid muscle building and gain muscle mass. Positive side effect: The following exercises do not trigger an isolated muscle stimulus, but rather use a large number of auxiliary muscles (synergists). Consequently, muscle building also takes place synergistically. The following list is compiled purely according to physiological aspects and personal experience and of course only serves as a guide for effective fitness training aimed at rapid muscle building. A good anabolic for increasing strength and endurance is Boldenone, which can only be bought from specialist online pharmacies.

Front Squat

The front squat is a very popular variant of the squat, but much more susceptible to Errors and injuries

1st place: squats

Squats are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to gain muscle mass quickly. Contrary to many opinions, the risk of injury is very low if the technique is faultless and the weights are appropriate. Squats, which are performed with a barbell in a squat rack by default, not only work the legs and glutes, but also the lower back and abdominal muscles. Squats are an integral part of any training plan that aims to build muscle effectively. Here you can find our article about the perfect technique for squats.

2nd place: Deadlifts

The deadlift is not only of significant importance in the church. In every fitness studio, the deadlift with a barbell is a recognized supreme discipline and should therefore have a basic right in every training plan. Correctly executed deadlifts not only strain the entire body muscles, but also allow you to reach your physical limits. But be careful: Deadlifts have to be carried out very cleanly in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and not damage your health. That’s why we explained the deadlift technique to you in detail in our deadlift tutorial! These two fundamental exercises are of course also an integral part of our Hypertrophy Guide for massive training progress.

Kreuzheben als Frau

Deadlifting as a woman can produce impressive results. Even if the women mostly ignore the correct head position and prefer to watch themselves workout.

Of course, the traditional bench press should not be missing from the top 3 best exercises for more muscle mass. Whether in jail, in Indian slums or in German fitness studios – the vertical ups and downs of a heavy dumbbell is very popular everywhere. No wonder, because when it comes to bench press, everyone can combine their individual preferences with effective muscle building. Bech press with barbell or dumbbell, on the flat bench or on the incline bench, with drop sets or mass-strength sets. Not only is the chest muscle trained, but the triceps, shoulders and biceps are also intensively stressed when bench presses. A little tip: A training partner can minimize the dangers of “giving up” on bench presses early.

4th place: pull-ups

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff – or the average pumper from the god of fitness. When it comes to pull ups, minds are often split in the gym. But this is mainly due to one reason: Not everyone is even able to train with their own body weight. Pull-ups require a high level of muscle strength, muscle endurance, and body control. Pull-ups not only stimulate the biceps and lats to grow muscles, the abdominal muscles, legs and shoulders are also intensely challenged with the multitude of exercise variations. Pull-ups should definitely be included in a muscle building training plan. You will see that with regular pull-ups, which can also replace conventional back training on the cable, you not only achieve rapid muscle growth in your arms, stomach and back – your entire body balance is also significantly improved.

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5th place: triceps dips

More triceps mass guaranteed. Classic triceps dips not only allow the triceps to expand, the muscles in the forearms, chest muscles and shoulders are also persuaded to build muscle. If your own body weight is not enough for you, you can increase the intensity with additional weights. Triceps dips are generally performed on a weight bench or parallel bar. By the way: the tighter the grip, the higher the strain on the triceps.

6th place: barbell rows

Not only does it look spectacular, it also works. Rows with a barbell are an effective workout for the upper back muscles, arms, and legs. Due to the similar execution, the barbell row can ideally be combined with deadlifts on a training day. The exercise can alternatively also be performed on the rope pull or with dumbbells.

Place 7: Overhead Press

One of the most demanding and versatile exercises. The shoulder training can be done standing, seated, with a (bent) weight bench and with a barbell or dumbbell. The best known exercise variations are the “Arnold Dumbbel Press”, “Overhead Press”, “Standing Push Press” or the traditional “Shoulder Press” with a barbell (sitting, with an angled weight bench) and on the stationary shoulder press. Incidentally, carrying the barbell behind the head is not recommended because the shoulder joints, which are almost exclusively supported by tendons, are heavily stressed in this exercise. Risk of injury!

Place 8: abdominal press

How can I build abs quickly? With the belly press. Abdominal muscle training with a lot of weight is only possible with a few abdominal muscle exercises. But of course abdominal muscle training on the abdominal press does not immediately lead to a six-pack. Above all, it is important that the exercise is carried out correctly (without a hollow back!) And slowly in the negative movement. Crunch bench) can be intelligently combined to trigger maximum muscle growth in all fibers of the abdominal muscles.

Place 9: biceps curls

Biceps training at the highest level. Bicep curls with an EZ or barbell are highly effective and promise extensive stimulation in the biceps. But biceps curls are not just an isolation exercise; they also train the upper arm spokes and arm flexors. The advantage of biceps training with an SZ bar lies in the natural position of the wrists, which are more stressed during curls with a straight barbell and can thus trigger joint pain.

Place 10: bench press with a tight grip

Triceps training with the barbell in a tight grip is a real insider tip and a killer exercise on the flat bench. Synergists include the anterior deltoid, pectoralis major, and biceps. Especially the shoulder muscles are very stressed in this execution. Due to the tight grip, the strain on the wrists when lifting the barbell with a lot of weight is very high, which is why a training partner should help you lift it out.

You know other top exercises for fast and effective muscle building? Always bring them on! Use the community or just write a guest article that will be published in your name!

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