What is a mesomorph?

Life is easy for mesomorphs. That applies at least to fitness training. A mesomorphic metabolic type has the optimal genetic requirements for the rapid building of lean muscle mass . The excellent regenerative ability after intensive muscle building training enables many training units to be completed in a short time and thus contribute to effective muscle building. This body type has its weight under full control and – with appropriate nutrition or diet – can quickly gain mass or burn fat.

The mesomorphic body types usually stand out from the other metabolic types by a athletic physique . In the untrained state, however, the mesomorph can easily be confused with a hybridized form between ecto- and endomorph. After a few weeks of fitness training, however, the mesomorph shows clear progress in training. A “V-shaped” back with broad shoulders, a voluminous chest and strong arm and leg muscles is particularly characteristic.

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What is the fastest way to build muscle as a mesomorph?

If the training and nutrition plan are optimally coordinated, impressive training results can be achieved in just a few months. Unlike the ectomorph or endomorph, the mesomorph can influence its physique through many factors. If he eats a lot of food (mainly high in protein and energy), mass gain is guaranteed.

If the mesomorph changes to the definition phase after a bulk phase, a diet rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and low in fat must be ensured. A slight energy deficit (energy intake

Muscle build-up takes place exclusively in the resting phases, even with mesomorphic metabolic types. For full-body training, 3-4 training days per week should not be exceeded. With a split training , the respective muscle groups need at least 48 hours for complete regeneration .

As a mesomorph, a sensibly planned diet can maximize training success if, in addition to meeting the need for macronutrients, it also has a slight energy surplus (for the training goal muscle building) or a long-term slight energy deficit (for the training goal fat burning) taken into account. Both variants are optimally covered in our effective nutrition plans.

Which supplements are useful for mesomorphs?

Quickly available whey proteins before or after training are just as useful as protein complexes that are available for a long time. The protein shakes can improve training performance, increase the ability to regenerate and support muscle definition. A fitness-oriented diet is basically sufficient to achieve acceptable results. A creatine cure can also improve muscle building and muscle performance and thus enable a higher training intensity.

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What are the characteristics of mesomorphs?
  • Body weight can be controlled very precisely through diet
  • Broad shoulders and narrow hips (“V-shape”)
  • Muscle performance can be accelerated through appropriate training
  • Naturally low body fat percentage (
  • Fat accumulation only on the hips and stomach
  • Effective fat burning through cardio training
  • Optimal regeneration ability after intensive muscle building training
  • Fast mass gain with adequate nutrition
  • Large and voluminous chest
  • Athletic, slightly defined physique
  • Rapid build-up of lean muscle mass

The mesomorph is a prime example of the perfect ratio of muscle mass to body fat . The genetic traits create the ideal conditions for effective muscle building, exact muscle definition and intensive fitness training. Through targeted nutrition and a professional training plan, the mesomorph can achieve pretty much any training goal. Unfairly, he even has to do relatively little – compared to his metabolic colleagues ectomorph and endomorph.

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How do I achieve the fastest muscle growth as a mesomorph?

Very simple: with the right knowledge. There is no point in spending countless hours in the gym if you don’t know how to move your muscles for targeted hypertrophy (adjustment). Without an adequate hypertrophy stimulus, your muscles will not grow. Thus, all important training parameters must be optimally tailored to your training goal.

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