A well thought-out training plan is one of the most important factors for quick and especially sustainable training success , especially as a beginner and newcomer to muscle building training. Often, however, the low level of training and the underdeveloped muscles do not allow intensive split training in which the training of different muscle groups is divided over several days. Accordingly, a full-body training plan for muscle building is recommended for beginners, which gently increases their own performance level and minimizes the risk of injuries, overtraining and overloading during training.

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Build up muscles gently with the full-body training plan

Before fitness beginners can start intensive muscle building training through split training plans such as the 2-split or 3-split training plan, it is important to build solid basic muscles in order to avoid damage to health from excessive stress.

The 1 – 4 month full-body training is particularly aimed at building muscles in the entire back area to stabilize the spine, the abdominal muscles and the arms and legs, which also relieves the bones, joints and supporting muscle groups.

This full-body training plan is just one possible sample among many. Depending on genetic requirements, training progress and personal goals, a training plan should be individualized so that optimal training results can be achieved.

  • Training experience: 0-4 months
  • Warm-up: 10-15 min cycling or treadmill
  • Pause between sentences: variable
  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes

The alternative exercises can be performed on a weekly basis. Varied training variations maintain maximum muscle stimulation .

Learn the basics, apply them and finally make progress!

Intensive strength training is a major challenge for untrained and inexperienced athletes in particular. Many metabolic processes that the metabolism otherwise keeps at a minimal activity level run at full speed during intensive training.

You are constantly exposed to unusual stress. Physical adaptation processes also run in the red speed range and the hypertrophy of your functional systems is in full swing!

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A full body training plan differs from its training plan colleagues (e.g. 2-part split or 3-part split) primarily in its structure, the training intensity and the selection of exercises. For beginners, a higher training frequency with a lower training intensity is ideal in order to adequately stimulate the existing muscles to hypertrophy. In this way, tendons, ligaments and joints can slowly get used to the unfamiliar strain of strength training, while the risk of training-induced overload of the muscles and joint apparatus is minimized.

However, beginners have to individualize and intensify their training after 4-8 weeks of training experience so that adequate hypertrophy successes can still be achieved. So you slowly begin to increase your intensity (weights) and your training volume as you decrease the training frequency. A change of training plan is essential for this.

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