This free 3-part split training plan for muscle building is particularly good for the effective and targeted building of more muscle mass and suitable for achieving increased muscle strength .

Analogous to our well-known 2-part split according to the push / pull as well as upper / and lower-body method, a 3-part split training plan divides the muscle building training into three different training days on which only individual muscle groups are specifically stimulated intensively.

Synergists and supporting muscle groups are not spared entirely during training, but are largely removed from the primary stress in order not to hinder a continuous regeneration process of the muscles and the musculoskeletal systems involved. Incidentally, an intensive sauna use after training can even be positive for regeneration!

With the 3-part split training plan for muscle building for more strength and muscle mass

The 3-part split differs from a 2-part split essentially in that the training plan provides 3 (instead of 2) training days , which significantly increases the training intensity for each training unit can. Less muscle groups are used, but stimulated more intensely.

The unavoidable consequence is a longer regeneration phase for the muscles, which the training plan implements accordingly due to the higher training frequency with longer breaks between a repeated training session.

A 3-way split is not suitable for beginners because the intense muscle strain can lead to injuries or overtraining. Fitness beginners should start with a free full-body training plan that prepares them for more intense training.

The system: Push, pull and legs

In this 3 split, we split the training over a combination of the push and pull training system on day 1 and day 2 with an additional leg training on day 3 . The variation of these exercises does not necessarily have to be adhered to, but should be followed by beginners in the 3-split training.

Depending on the training preference, the exercise sequence can be modified by experienced athletes, e.g. if the focus is on explicit strength and muscle growth in certain muscle groups (chest, shoulder, legs, etc.).

It should be noted, however, that reallocating the order of exercises has an impact on the performance of other exercises.

Essential training parameters for maximum muscle building

This training plan is also just a sample that you have to individualize and adapt to your current training status. It is essential that you get a basic understanding about the essential factors that significantly influence your training and thus your training success.

The following three training parameters are the fundamental basis on which every training system is built:

  • Training intensity (the selected weight)
  • Training frequency (frequency of repetition of a training session)
  • training volume (correlates very closely with the intensity, but describes the number of sets and repetitions here)

But the ideal interpretation of these factors differs in depending on the training status of an athlete. Beginners can train with a significantly higher training frequency, while the training intensity is much lower than is the case with advanced users.

Only those who optimally adapt their training system to their personal, individual requirements and coordinate them with the training goal (building muscle or burning fat) can achieve impressive training progress.

You can find out how this works in our Hypertrophy Guide for men and women.

3er Split training plan for muscle building free download as PDF

With the 3-way split according to the push / pull / legs principle , which we provide free of charge, you can start your training immediately. However, make sure to adhere to the regeneration times if you do 3 training days twice a week in order to give your muscles sufficient leeway to restore their performance. The right muscle building diet can of course provide you with targeted support.

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Note on the training plan: This 3-part split is just one possible pattern among many. Depending on genetic requirements, training progress and personal goals, a training plan should be individualized so that optimal training results can be achieved.

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