Strength endurance training differs in theory from classic muscle building training, but in practice it is basically based on conventional hypertrophy training , which stimulates muscle fiber growth and thus ensures an indirect increase in muscle volume. With a 3 split training plan for strength endurance , a regular muscle building training plan (in this case, of course, a 3 split) can basically be adopted, whereby only the number of repetitions for strength endurance training is varied .

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What are the advantages of a training plan for strength endurance?

In hypertrophy training, the maximum repetition is usually reached after the 8th or 10th repetition. In this area, the stimulation of the muscle fibers is very high and thus triggers the muscle-building hypertrophy processes, which represent the logical training goal in hypertrophy training, which generally involves training with higher weights.

In strength endurance training, on the other hand, you work with relatively little weights and many repetitions in order to achieve intense muscle stimulation. The low weights protect the bones, tendons and ligaments.

The increase in strength of the muscles remains relatively low in this training phase, but strength endurance is significantly increased. In the 3-4 week strength endurance phase, which can precede maximum strength training or follow up on muscle building training, the supply of the energy source ATP in the muscles is improved. Muscle contraction is not possible without ATP.

In our guide to building muscle in men and women, we explain the relationship between the individual training methods and training systems that are used in everyday training. This ingenious graphic shows you at least once roughly how the energy supply is related to the respective training methods.

This 3-way split for strength endurance training is just one possible pattern among many. Depending on genetic requirements (e.g. metabolic type), training progress and personal goals, a training plan should be individualized so that optimal training results can be achieved.

Download 3er split training plan for strength endurance as PDF

Split training plans require a much more effective management of your own training frequency and training intensity and are therefore more suitable for advanced athletes who have already gained a lot of training experience.

General recommendations for the 3-way split:

  • Training experience: more than 3 months
  • Warm-up: 10-15 min cycling, treadmill, rowing
  • Break between sentences: 1-2 minutes
  • Duration of training: 45 – 90 minutes

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